Sunday, March 15, 2009

SEE KAI RUN Sandals/DORA Dress from Etsy HaleyBugDesigns

I wanted a DORA dress for Weesie for her Birthday, but it's going to be tough to hold back on giving this to her NOW!! So cute from Etsy seller HaleyBug designs! It is a handmade Tee-Shirt dress. You can customize your tee-shirt color and the skirt pattern! This is even cuter in person than I ever imagined it would be! $25.00 plus shipping!

Can't wait to see Weesie in it with her See Kai Run Isabella sandals!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It has been sneaking up on us...hushhhh...stay in the moment...she's still a baby!...and yes she is going to be TWO May 30! It's official! Here is her dress! Miss Weesie will be decked out in her Gymboree Ice Cream Social Neopolitan Dress! Aunt Zeesie wheeled and dealed on EBAY and finally grabbed it for only $40 WITH SHIPPING! She is going to be a princess! Now for the hair bow, tights, and shoes....and how will she wear her hair?