Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me Monday

Credit where it is due to MkMama for the creation of "Not Me Monday"! See her blog at My Charming Kids.
I did not watch 2 hours of the Duggar Families oldest son's engagement and wedding Sunday night!....and then tell my 15 year old daughter that it was absolutely ok to kiss a boy before marriage! The Duggar's are ultra conservative Christians, entitled to their beliefs and behaviors, BUT C'MON!! (TLC's 18 & Counting) ...I am so ashamed!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Book Shelf

I read about one book a week. That hour that I call my own just before bedtime. It has to be a good book or I will NEVER finish it...I will instead FALL ASLEEP because it is that last hour.

To make the list, the book has to be finished and memorable enough that I recall the title! So all of these books are at least GOOD. I have given them 1 to 5 stars. The ones with no stars..well I just don't remember the story, but know it was at least good. If it has 3 to 5 stars, THAT's a winner.

I HATE boring, dragging, overly "describing the landscape and scenery" books!

I LIKE somewhat edgy, realistic, psychological, memoir-ish, moving right along books!'s my list! This is only a start. MANY more to follow. Would love to hear from anyone who like these authors too!

5 Minutes For Mom Reviews and lists books for us and for our kids of all ages! Check it out.

Joyce Carol Oates
We Were the Mulvaney's *****
I'll Take You There ****
My Sister, My Love
The Gravedigger's Daughter *****
You Must Remember This ****
High Lonesome ***
The Falls ****
Man Crazy **
My Heart Laid Bare **
Because it is Bitter: Because It Is My Heart ***

Chris Bohjalian
Midwives *****
Before You Know Kindness
Trans-sister Radio *****
Buffalo Soldier
The Law of Similars
The Double Bind ****

Jodi Piccoult
I have read all except the current one (reading it right now)......more to follow. She's kind of a light read, but very good.

Kelly Corrigan
The Middle Place ***

Kim Edwards
The Memory Keeper's Daughter ****

Sarah Gruen
Water For Elephants ****

Jeffrey Eugenides
Middlesex *****

Melinda Haynes
Mother of Pearl ****

Audrey Niffenegger
The Time Traveler's Wife *****

Mark Haddon
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time ***

Lalita Tademy
Cane River *****

Diane Ackerman
The Zookeeper's Wife *****

Wally Lamb ***** The Hour I First Believed *****
She's Come Undone ****
I Know This Much Is True ****

Christina Schwarz
Drowning Ruth

Anna Quindlen
Black & Blue ***

Kaye Gibbons
A Virtuous Woman **

Horsing Around 5 Minutes For Mom is giving away 3 "Henry" Rocking Horsies from "A ROCKING HORSRE TO LOVE". This pic is Weesie and B "Horsing Around". These are soft, plush rocking horses! Would love to win for Weesie!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Long QT

Double check those medications if you have long QT! Don't count on the pharmacy as we found out this week. My sister, who has long QT, not only told her doctor about it, but also the pharmacy and still she was prescribed Zithromax and received and starting taking Zithromax. The most current list can be found on the SADS website : I also have long QT and was fortunate to have an astute dentist who knew that the adrenaline and epinephrine in the novocaine injections was not allowed. If you have long QT, carry this list with you ad give copies to your doctor and pharmacist. I do now.

New Blogger

Aunt Zee Zee is a totally new blogger! Don't judge!!!!.....there are some awesome bloggers out there so I am trying not to be intimidated. Enjoy Weesie and brother B in the photo above! Posted for the Horsing Around Contest on 5 minutes for mom!!