Saturday, February 7, 2009


I thought that I would "create" a couple of NEW blog terms.....kind of originals like "NOT ME MONDAY" and "WORDLSS WEDNESDAY". Much to my chagrin ( a word I never use when I am speaking), I found that I truly am NOT creative or original in this area! I thought that "blog envy" was my new term for a person who mocks another persons logging efforts while not posssessing a blog of his or her own. (you know who you are) but.................... "BLOG ENVY" is defined in the URBAN DICTIONARY as:

(1) The jealousy you feel when you see another blog getting recognition in the mainstream press. (2) The jealousy you feel when you realize that your friend's blog is more popular than yours. Not at all what I thought!!!...and add insult to injury.............. Thursday I was feeling warm and fuzzy about 2 things that I thought I could turn into a blog entry. One was that my husband is still nice to me after being together for MANY years (cannot post the actual number in case my daughter suddenly develops math skills and figures out how I was when I started dating!) and the other thing I was happy about was....I wish I could remember now. I think my daughter may have been being nice to me on the same day??!!! So I "created" the term "THANKFUL THURSDAY" Na uuhhh!


  1. WDW needs to create a blog so we can pick on her!

  2. I don't need a blog for y'all to pick on me!! Hey, any day that your teenager is nice to you is a day to celebrate. My teenager actually went out and raked up pine needles in the yard today AND cleaned off the computer desk without any begging on my part.

  3. i had to read this like a couple times to understand what it is youre doing but i think i get it now.

    HEY. im nice to you soemtimes
    today i told you i like your jacket