Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Hanging Out" Teenage Girls/Do you let her walk alone?

What exactly is "hanging out" if you are a teenage girl? It seems that it is meeting the friend and then "walking around" with the friend. Maybe stopping to get a drink at the Wa Wa (like 7 Eleven) or a slice of pizza. The friends stay together, but the hitch is that my daughter wants to walk alone to meet the friend. I do not know about what other parents, but I DO NOT let her walk ALONE anywhere! Evidently, I am being overprotective and she thinks that I am "paranoid" and of course she doesn't think anything will EVER happen to HER. And oh of course, the friend's mom lets HER walk alone to their meeting point ( about 1/2 mile between our 2 homes). So is the risk of my over-protection and her rebellion greater than the risk of her being accosted or abducted during these short walks alone? ....I DON'T CARE! I drive her to the meeting place anyway and she has to bear my presence........and then there is getting home...........


  1. My teenage daughter does not walk anywhere alone. Hang in there Zeezie.

  2. i'm not totally inept.

    i can walk by myself

    yet, i do appreciate that you care. i suppose.


  3. ps. idk if i used "inept" correctly? but whatever.