Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Puppy Dog Art Smock/ Tot Bib by handstosew on ETSY!

I found this WONDERFUL tot's art/meal smock on ETSY! I was SEARCHING and searching for a SOFT tot-friendly larger sized bib! I do not like the large plastic tie-bibs for toddlers! They are scratchy & uncomfortable! Once our Weesie hit 18 months, she was able to rip the velcro and the tie at the neck bibs right off! "NO WAY" (her words) was she putting up with bibs at mealtime. She finally agreed to a large hand-me down shirt from one of her cousins, but only sometimes.

I started my search for "LARGE BIB/TODDLER BIB" and was disappointed until I found this one! It is STYLIN' !!! The fabric is great quality. Nice and arm openings. The print makes it seem like it is just another cute top to wear! The BATTLE IS OVER!

Vivid red background, brown polka dot trim! The sweetest puppy dogs, bones, balls, and leashes! handstosew has other prints as well and we will be purchasing more!!!

This washes and dries very well and will be quite durable AND may follow Weesie all the way to pre-school and beyond. The size will fit about a 2-5 year old! handstosew describes it best so please visit her Etsy pages!

handstosew's email is

Please see her Etsy pages!


  1. very cool! i have been looking for a larger bib that my little one can't rip off :O) thanks for the info, i am going to check out her etsy shop. have a wonderful memorial day!