Friday, June 26, 2009

Chocolate Lab Mayhem!!/Adventures of Seamus!

Our beautiful chocolate lab Seamus aka "Shay" and "shameful". At least once a week we have an adventure, mishap, or some other episode that causes mayhem in our house with Shay!!!! The one that occurred tonight almost landed me in the hospital with internal injuries!!! Dear Shay loves to be close to mom. If he can possibly sit on my foot or lean against my leg with all ofhis 80 pounds, he will. He thinks he is still a puppy and is all baby!

So tonight Shay was sitting under the silver metal chair (long story behind this chair...) that I have at my computer desk as I sat typing away and sorting my pile of stuff almost about to block my screen. QUIET.......I got up to throw away some papers in the kitchen. As I got up, I felt the chair tumble to its side. I am thinking in this split second "Oh Shay has gotten his big body up from under my chair and knocked it over..." until I took a foot of the metal chair to the abdomen: HARD! This is followed by a crazy LOUD METAL noise and I see Shay running through the house with a METAL FOLDING CHAIR ON HIS BACK! He is panicked but everytime he comes near me I am in danger of getting impaled! Finally I grab him by the harness (yes, he still wears a harness at age 3 and THIS IS WHY).....and I wedge him and the metal chair against the recliner and SCREAM for my son to HELPPP ME!

The metal chair is firmly wedged in one of the 90 degree angles of the harness. The chair has slipped down into the harness! He can't get loose and his only option, as he sees it, is to run the darn thing around the house clanging and banging and scaring the bajeebies out of his dog self! So back to me holding the 80 pound dog with the steel son yells "what?????!!!!" for clearly I am interrupting something important (video game) with my hysterical shrieking. Said son finally responds when I scream ITS SEAMUS!! (I will not EVER forget this delay in his response to my dire when my B-in-law "went to the bathroom" before picking my sister up from the bottom of her outside stairs with a broken ankle) my son (adult by the way!) pulls the chair out of the harness and wa-la all is well! ( then he told me it was my own fault that I got such a big dog ....made me wonder if he is really my kid?!)

I have a bit of a bruise (like when you fall on your handlebars), but all is well...until next time!!
If you would like to see more beautiful, gentle, and really sweet dogs visit Shay's human dad's site:

Truly the sweetest dogs in the world!

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  1. OMG! Poor Shay and poor ZZ! He was probably like get this freakin this off of me!

    I'm glad you didn't BREAK anything!