Friday, June 19, 2009

So Proud of our Students!!

Congratulations to all of my student nieces and nephews! Their achievements and honors make me so proud of them as students as well as the wonderful people they are becoming! Here are highlights of the achievements that I know.

Emily: won Academic awards for college prep English and pre- Algebra!! Awesome for a kid who complained that her English teacher was "hard" and who NEVER been a math wiz (like her mom and Aunt Sarah). Completed her freshman year on top!

Mitchell: graduated 8th grade! "Most Friendly" according to his yearbook! Handsome and sweet for sure! National HONOR SOCIETY! Congrats Mitch!!

Melanie: graduated 8th grade! Academic awards including straight As in 5 subjects! Yikes very big brains! National Honor Society!

Brandon: promoted to 5th grade with Honor Roll ALL 4 MARKING PERIODS!!! awesome!


BRANDON is posing!!

(My favorite pic of Melanie, Emily, and Mitchell...4 years ago!!)

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